Keto Carne Desabrada

Keto Carne Desabrada

  • 4 lbs Beef Chuck Roast, cut into large chunks

    4 tbsp Avocado Oil

    3 cup broth (I use the chicken or beef bullion cubes and water)

    1 28 oz Can Crushed Tomatoes

    ½ Can Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce (3.5 ounces), chopped

    1 Medium White Onion, Sliced

    8 Garlic Cloves, Minced

    3 Limes, Juiced

    1 Orange, Juiced

    1 tsp Cumin

    2 tsp Paprika

    1 tsp Cheyenne Pepper

    1 tbsp Oregano

    1 tbsp Salt

    ½ tbsp Pepper

    1 bunch cilantro

    Shredded cheese of your choice



In a small bowl combine all of the spices.  In a large skillet heat avocado oil until it is sizzling (drop a bit of water into the oil to check the temperature).  Then turn the heat down to medium and brown the meat (cooking about 1-2 minutes on both sides). Then in a slow cooker, (I use my instapot because I can brown the meat and cook the meat on slow cooker mode in the same pot), add all of the ingredients to the pot and stir to combine.  Then cover your slow cooker and cook on low heat for 8 hours.

Once the meat is cooked, I take out the portion of meat that myself and my family are going to eat for the tacos and shred the meat.  I eat the tacos with the Mr. Tortilla brand tortillas (which I have to purchase online) or lettuce wraps if I don’t have any low carb tortillas.  I

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