Are you tired of your current medical care?

Dr. Gomez is not your typical doctor.

Functional medicine, weight loss, metabolic optimization, hormone replacement and more…

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Dr. G of Thrive Medical, New Mexico

Hey, I’m

Dr. Melissa Gomez!

I am committed to providing patients with personalized, comprehensive and highly responsive healthcare.

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What’s included in an initial visit with Dr. Gomez?

Intensive 1:1 interaction with Dr. Gomez and her team

  • 2 hour initial visit
  • Labs orders and reviewed personally with you and Dr. Gomez
  • 4 follow up health coaching phone calls with Dr. Gomez’s team
  • Weekly “touch-base” emails after initial consultation
  • Easy access to Dr. Gomez and her team via phone, text or email
Dr. G of Thrive Medical, New Mexico

What type of physician is Dr. Gomez?

  • Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician
  • Board Certified Obesity Medicine Physician
  • Specializing in the treatment of metabolic disease:  Insulin resistance, Obesity, Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, High Blood pressure, Gout, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, High Cholesterol, and more.
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Why is Dr. Gomez different from other physicians?

  • Research states that 88% of Americans (adults and children) have at least one or more metabolic illnesses, most of which are going undiagnosed until patients are very sick
  • Our program identifies and treats to cure those illnesses early or treats to cure those illnesses if already identified
  • Our treatments focus on diet, exercise and lifestyle interventions to very purposefully avoid prescription medications while de-prescribing medications as patients become healthier

Ready for a healthier lifestyle in New Mexico?

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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well or feel well if one has not chosen Real Food as their nutrition.

Join a health and wellness community that will include weight loss, exercise, cooking, farming and stress management and overall helping people become the best version of themselves. 

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Sample recipes

avocado toast with bacon

Dr. G’s Avocado Toast

20-25 min.

Caprese cooked and served

Dr. G’s Caprese

35-40 min.

Caprese grilled chicken sandwich

Dr. G’s Caprese Grilled Chicken Sandwich

25-30 min.

cauliflower green Chile stew

Cauliflower Green Chile Stew

15-20 min.

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